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What Is This Website Supposed To Achieve?
This website is intended to provide comprehensive information about the design of the ships and boats that fought in the Second World War, and to explain the designs in the proper historical context.  Perhaps more than any other service, the design of ships and boats was greatly influenced by politics, and without some understanding of the politics it's impossible to properly compare the ships and boats of the various nations.
  Why Do You Choose To Show The Swastika?  
  It was a difficult decision, as I detest all that the Nazis stood for.  However, the historical fact is that Nazi symbols were prevalent in Germany during and before World War Two, and it would not be correct to pretend otherwise.  I do not believe that the symbols themselves have the power to cause hate, only that they represent a hateful system.  I believe that the best way to prevent the Nazi ideas becoming mainstream is to educate people to the facts, not to hide the symbols and pretend they don't exist.  This site only uses Nazi symbols where required for historical accuracy, and not to push a political agenda.  
  Are You Trying To Push A Particular Viewpoint?  
  I don't think so, although as with everyone my views are shaped by my background and current circumstances.  I try to adopt a neutral viewpoint, giving facts rather than opinion in most cases.  Where opinion is given I believe that it is supported by fact, but of course there will be those that think my opinion is incorrect.  

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